Suck My Verbs-
If I told you the truth about me,
You’d probably think that I was telling a lie.
See, I was raised a little differently,
I’ve been through some fucked up situations in my life.
I could sit here and cry victim to being another fatherless child…
or I could sit here and talk about how my mother hasn’t seen happiness in a while.
You want me to open up more than just my legs on this bed,
you want more from me than just some mind blowing head,

You want to know how my life story began.
How my thoughts form,
how I find my courage.
You want to know why I keep my heart so silent
Baby, Trust me,  
what I have to offer you will fulfill your physical being.
Those moments with hand gripping, flesh grabbing,, the legs opening, , me screaming for more .
,fingerprints, my passion, my softness and  aggressiveness, all my desires  and my  passionate morning screaming.
There in, there is my story, ,
I know you want more from me than just my legs and my ass pressed on this bed. More than just some mind blowing, toe curling, bomb ass head. More than just passionate kisses , but i think  you’re asking for less  than I am willing to give you.. trust me, just  shut up and Let me show you my screaming heart and my  burning desire!

In Hands Of The Devil-
We always end up here..
after i told him how much i  want him , but don’t need him…
Telling him that "last time" was really the last time..

But we always end up here..
with his hands on my neck and  My thoung in his mounth..
You Are My Greatest -
Looking Over My Shoulder 
To The Man I Desire 
To The One I Know 
With My Eyes Closed 
Every Inch Of His Body
Every Curve Recognizable By My Fingers 
Eyes And Lips Combined In The One Expression
Step In Honey, And Get Your Prize !