Love From The Past-

I bumped into an old love yesterday. Extremely random.
We didn’t end on bad terms, we just grew apart.
We weren’t even intimate, we were way too young at the time 
We walked passed each other and I knew that face looked familiar,
by the time I turned around he was already walking back towards me, laughing with his arms wide open.
He’s changed soooooo much. I was blown away. I’m so proud of him. Even the way he stands is different.
He’s a man now. He couldn’t get over how much I changed either..

He said something that stuck with me,
during that time, we didn’t realise how much our connection would impact our lives.
He told me that I inspired him and he reminded me of a few conversations we used to have and
how our dreams was so big at that time .
He used to have the craziest ideas, he inspired me to always think outside of the box and to not
fear my truth or ideas. He gave me confidence .

It’s crazy and It had me thinking, how much our thoughts collapsed together, so what was uniquely mine?? and  which ones originally is stemmed from past encounters??

I’m not allowing him to slip through my fingers,
he’s a great person.
Definitely gonna keep in touch.
I love shit like that.